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My Style Is Lit: How Love Transformed Reese Nguyen

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Reese, a Vietnamese-Canadian blogger based out of Calgary. I started Instagramming a year and a half ago. Fashion has always been my passion but school took me in the science direction. So I am a science babe by day and fashion blogger by night.

2. Where’s your favorite hangout in your city?

Home, I’m a super home body. Outside of that, you’ll find me at the malls or at one of my MANY favorite food spots.

3. We understand from your blog that you are surprisingly adept at handling money. Kudos to Daddy Nguyen! How has this skill aided you in your fashion blogging stint? 

It has put me in a financial position to afford the current shoes/bags/clothes that I love so much.

4. If, out of the blue, you found $10,000 in your bag, how would you spend it?

I would go to Italy for as long as 10 grand is sustainable for myself and the fiance! I’ve always wanted to tour around the beautiful, boot-shaped country.

5. A fire broke out in your room. What are the three things that you will instantly grab and go?

Balenciaga booties, Givenchy Antigona and my iPhone!

6. When it comes to fashion, what is the one thing you will allow yourself to splurge on and why?

Shoes – my first love was and will always be shoes. The price points of shoes are more reasonable to me and I believe every outfit comes together with the right pair.

7. It seems Darrell has played a major role in walking you out of your past relationship and helping you develop. How has he contributed to your career as a fashion blogger?

He is the most supportive partner, he’s always encouraging me to keep pushing forward and working harder for what I love. He is my photographer and videographer, and he even drove me around the city during NYFW so I could make it to all my appointments and shows on time. It wouldn’t be the same without him.

8. If you could have a day fully dedicated to Darrell and yourself, what would the itinerary be?

We have those days every Sunday. We just hang out in bed all day binge-watching Netflix, eating poorly and having drinks. We also have some very deep conversations over a bottle of Hennessy.

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