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Rock the ultimate Christmas party with these quirky themes

The most anticipated season of the year has arrived, so it’s time to get started on your holiday party planning — and we’re not talking about the overdone Christmas sleepovers and Secret Santa games. In this edition of Style Files, we’ve got you covered with fun and quirky themes to rock in the comfort of your own home and leave your guests impressed!

Theme #1: Your Christmas Story
Forget movie marathons, organise a movie-themed party instead! Ring in the yuletide cheer by taking inspiration from Bob Clark’s A Christmas Story that is not only comme il faut with the holidays, but is also easy enough a theme to center your party around.


Your #OOTD: 1940s-inspired fashion such as midi dresses, knitted sweaters and puffer coats.

Your menu should include: Entreés with cranberries and potatoes, roast turkey, soft drinks served in glass bottles and candies like Turkish Taffy and Almond Joys that were popular in the 1940s.

Your mise en scène should include: Decorated Christmas trees, a life-size leg lamp, and strands of colourful Christmas lights.

Your entertainment should include: DIY a shoot-the-balloon carnival game and let your guests flaunt their marksmanship with a toy air gun. Winners’ prizes should make references to the movie — think scented bars of soap, packs of Ovaltine or secret decoder pins.

Theme #2: My 1st Annual Oscar Party
Infatuated with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood? Then throw an Academy Awards-themed affair! Here are the things you need on your party list:

Your #OOTD: Old Hollywood glamour, evening dresses, celebrity-inspired looks.

Your menu should include: Hors d’oeuvre, champagne cocktails, popcorn and anything that can be passed off as bourgeois dining.

Your mise en scène should include: A long red carpet, footlights and spotlights, photo booths, DIY Oscar statuettes.

Your entertainment should include: Movie charades or games related to Hollywood screens with DIY Oscar trophies as prizes. You can also hold an award ceremony, complete with background music and short speeches!

Theme #3: Santa’s Workshop
As we embrace the spirit of giving this festive season, your holiday plans can include partaking in a charity drive. Ask your friends and family to gather as much donated and used toys as possible. Then, during your Christmas reunion, wrap the toys and drop them off at any non-profit organisation of your choice.


Your #OOTD: Santa Claus and elf costumes.

Your menu should include: Savoury finger food or light snacks such as chocolates, candies and cookies.

Your mise en scène should include: Turn your abode into an elf workshop with colourful garlands, wreaths and lights. You can also rent a pickup truck and turn it into your very own Santa’s vehicle.

Your entertainment should include: Remember, the mission is to give back. To make it even more interesting, divide your guests into several groups and reward the team that wraps the most gifts with a token of appreciation.

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