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Each beginning of the year, we are often motivated to write a list of resolutions that include making a difference or trying something new. But as time passes, a thin film of dust gradually coats this list and we either forget or completely disregard our own promises for the year.

We are wholly empathetic, and that is why one of Reebonz’s New Year’s resolutions is to aid you on this quest. We may not be able to help you quit smoking or be the philanthropist of a million charities, but we can definitely help you with one of the top resolutions on your list—to vanquish the wardrobe clutter monster!

To ensure that you really show your wardrobe who’s boss, we’ve rounded up our absolute favourite methods for you, below:

To all wardrobe warriors, there is no room for sentimentality. If you are unwilling to get rid of clothes because you are not keen on tossing them into the dustbin, give it away or sell it off. A good closet makeover requires discipline, patience and perseverance. Succeed, and you will be surprised by how renewed you feel after getting rid of all the junk that is weighing you down. It is a New Year, after all.

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