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All-American Style: Eastside vs. Westside Fashion

New York’s Eastside versus Westside fashion really is an endless debate.This now-familiar East-West split has pretty much always been: the Eastside is fancy and the Westside is cool. Fashionistas have tailored this to add some personal flavour to their style in new and interesting ways.

Westside Style

Photo: Lena Penteado

The Westside look is interpreted as one that is a lot more hip and laidback. Westside fashion has always been cooler and more colourful. The key to Westside style is comfort, and it’s not rare to witness the pairing of nostalgic old-school pieces with chic and modern ones. The cool and eclectic vibes that Westsiders possess makes this style so effortless, but you can always take it the next level with some new designer duds, statement necklaces, and bright ethnic prints.

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Eastside Style

Photo: Vandastyle

Eastside fashion is a little more pristine and fancy (think Gossip Girl). Comprising severe lines and constructed garments, it can be seen as very architectural—you will never find a lack of air of class or prestige.

Achieving this look is simple, channel your inner Blair Waldorf with chic grey flannels, tweeds and rich gem tones. However if your style is something akin to Serena Van Der Woodsen, play down the fancy vibe of the Eastside style and pair a boyfriend blazer with silky short rompers.

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So, whether your style leans towards the East or the West, you can channel either by playing with colours, shapes and the right accessories scrupulously. Whether you live in America or Asia you can definitely achieve these styles—after all, fashion is something that comes from within you.

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