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Five destinations for your next vacation

It seems everyone’s packing for their Summer vacation, so where should you go for yours?

Perhaps off to the city of Hong Kong, where you can indulge in traditional dim sum with gusto, under the pizzazz of its city lights? Or off to the island of Bali, where glorious sunsets greet you and shimmering water bodies embrace you? Either way, we have some handy tips on how you can pack stylish for each destination no matter the clime.

Also, if you wish to jet off immediately—it’s not an impulse purchase wasted if you enjoy wasting it!—click on your desired destination to find out more.

Hong Kong


For the urbanites who love travelling to cities and soaking up various cultures, let Hong Kong be your next vacation. Commonly known as the City of Life and less commonly coined as the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong is admittedly vibrant with a bustling nightlife that will enliven your sleepless nights.

There is also no doubt that great fashion suffuses the sidewalks of Hong Kong so keep up with the impeccable style of its people! Make sure you pack a statement hat that will gussy up just about any Summer outfit.




If asked to describe Bali in a sentence, many of us would call it an idyllic island getaway with pristine white sand and warm untainted water. But there’s more to Bali than just panoramic beaches — explore the offbeat road when you travel to its rice terraces, or hike up Mount Batur and commit its scenic offerings to memory.

Of tropical clime, Bali is a vacation hit all year round and you will discover the thrills and pleasure of packing light. Most crucially, never miss out on a pair of chic sliders! This way, your trip will not be ruined by the vexing discomfort of sand in your shoes when you can simply wash it off.




If you’re accustomed to life in an urban jungle, Sydney is perfect for a getaway that provides the invigorating spirit of a vacation without veering too far from familiar cosmopolitan settings. With the cool winter chill adding to the charismatic charm of this vibrant city this time of the year, its popularity is of little surprise.

Whether it’s to see the iconic architectural wonders dotting the city scape, experience its many renowned fine dining establishments or have an adrenaline-doused adventure in the famed Luna Park and Bondi Beach, there’ll be no shortage of attractions to floor travellers to this magnificent city.

If you’re visiting Sydney, channel the Sydney-siders’ signature laidback cool for a vacation wardrobe that’s as comfortable as it is in vogue. The athleisure trend is particularly relevant here, so play with various permutations of bomber jackets and sweatpants with sneakers and jersey dresses for an impeccable look.




Osaka defies all attempts to define the very fabric that constructs it. The modern and the traditional are woven together so beautifully here, that you could very well start your day cultivating mindfulness and cultural appreciation in one of its historic temples, then end your day with a spot of retail therapy in the glitzy and glamorous Minami district. The complex dimensions that constitute Osaka are what makes it so appealing to holiday makers.

Some attractions to put in your list are the Shitennoji Temple for its awe-inspiring 6th century ruins, the Osaka Castle and perhaps the most exciting of all – Universal Studios Japan.

For a visit to Osaka, break out your most flamboyant and psychedelic clothes. It’s likely the only time you’ll be able to dress outlandishly without copping the prying stares on the streets! Frills, neon colours, platform shoes and hair bows are welcomed here – you get the creative license to go bold and wild.




Modern skyscrapers rise to the occasion in this historic city that is both as famous for its fish and chips as it is for its fashion weeks. Although bemoaned for its often wet and gloomy weather, the beguiling city is a Summer hit for those of us along the equator who’d much rather escape the heat.

Keep dry on the London Bridge when you pack a sturdy pair of leather jacket that is as versatile as it is waterproof. Plus, there’s no better occasion to chuck on a pair of wellington boots to blend in with London’s offhand chic.


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