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10 Trends That Should Stay Off The Runways

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, trends that we consider to be the ‘in-thing’ one moment can very soon be a forgettable style the next. Today, we round up some of the most disappointing looks that appeared on the runways, in hopes it would never come back!

Transparent coats by Comme des Garçons Homme Plus

We’re sure you are quite familiar with our childhood tale called the Emperor’s New Clothes. Taking reference from the fable, the transparent coat from Comme des Garçons Homme Plus spring 2017 menswear line are a cross between a see-through rain jacket and a trench coat. They shouldn’t have been passed off as new clothes.

Here’s an alternative: Trench coat by Eleventy

Crocs shoes at Christopher Kane Spring 2017 RTW show
The unprepossessing Crocs shoes have invaded the runway! While these pairs irk the eyes of the fashion society, there’s no doubt that the shoes do really provide the best comfort. But, there are no prizes for guessing which group we belong to so we beseech you never to slide your feet into these monstrosities.

Here’s an alternative: Blanc Rubber Espadrille by Kenzo

Heels with socks
Being one of the most prestigious names in the world, Hermès is usually a go-to brand for every fashion enthusiast. Last year, their looks consist of socks paired with heels; and while the trend may look appealing on the runways, it is however, certainly a look you won’t want to take on the streets.

Here’s an alternative: Lose the socks and slip into a pair of Reed Krakoff heels.

Paper doll chic by Moschino
Many of us girls have experienced playing with paper dolls during our childhood days. Now that we’ve matured from that phase, do we really want to dress like them – complete with the protruding tabs on the sides? We don’t think so.

If you want to pull off a playful ensemble, deck out in this vibrant Mary Katrantzou frock.

Bazar Shopper by Balenciaga
Sparking a controversy of copying traditional Thai designs, the Balenciaga bag in question has us questioning – are you transporting goods to a night market? Or are your lifetime’s belongings packed within while you seek refuge away from home? While you might impress a fashionista or a street style photographer or two, we feel these oversized bags are impractical. This trend has definitely blown out of proportion.

Here’s an alternative: Chanel Nylon tote


Athleisure and surplus basics by Yeezy

Let’s face it. If his beats were as basic as his line of clothes, maybe Yeezy would never have existed in the first place. For such a superstar, Kanye West’s collection looks like it was meant for struggling artists instead. We say, Kanye should just stick to making music.

Here’s an alternative: Sweater by Kenzo


Long sleeves by J.W. Anderson

We don’t know what these designers have up their sleeves but they are certainly manifesting it in their collections. What plausible use could it have if your sleeves were down to your ankles?

Here’s an alternative: Oversized sweater by Ashish


Crass slogan tees by House of Holland

With slogans like “I’d Get on All Fours for Michael Kors” and “Suck on my toe Phoebe Philo”, these slogan tees certainly don’t spell high fashion. There is no way they would ever want to be associated with such demeaning and uncalled for comments.

Here’s an alternative: Printed T-shirt by Burberry


Waist cinchers by Tibi

While corsets maintain an edgy appeal, these waist cinchers look almost like a back brace used for medical purposes instead. Maintain poise with an elegant corset top that imbues chic femininity whilst accentuating your body.

Here’s an alternative: Corset top by Dolce & Gabbana


Bathrobes by Lacoste

Like its name suggests, bathrobes belong strictly in the bathroom and nowhere else!

Here’s an alternative: Wrap coat by Bespoke Design

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