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Best loved luxury brands around the world

Every city or country has its own distinct style when it comes to fashion. Ever wondered what brands are the most popular in your own country? Let’s find out!




Sunny Singapore is adorned with high-flying career women who double as fashionistas. The corporate ladies in the central business district have even been affectionately dubbed as “Shentonistas”, after the famous street in the CBD, Shenton way. It is no wonder that brands like Prada, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga made it on top of their favourite list.

Known for their corporate appropriate pieces, Prada and Saint Laurent bags are a great choice for the ladies who want to flaunt without being too showy — perfect for the workplace! As for the ladies who prefer an androgynous and cool option, Balenciaga’s got your back.


Here are some of Singapore’s favourite pieces!





Australian girls always manage to look cool, effortlessly! We often envy how they usually pull off a casual yet put together ensemble. Pair your jeans and a casual shirt with a structured bag or clutch and you will have the perfect, city-girl chic that Australians emanate. The ladies of Australia will fully endorse Saint Laurent, Prada and Burberry as their faves!

Saint Laurent and Burberry feature edgy pieces that glam up an outfit elegantly without being too prim and proper. As for days where being classy is the only option, Prada is a trusty choice.


Here are some of Australia’s favourite pieces!



Hong Kong


In the fashion capital of Asia, the ladies of Hong Kong are bold, fashion-forward, avant garde and so no doubt edgy. Every piece that is donned on is of-the-moment and on trend, which is why these brands make top off their most-loved list: Fendi, Givenchy and Saint Laurent.

Fendi has had a runaway success with their widely loved Bag Bugs series of bags and accessories, a favourite amongst those that adore all things chic and adorable. For street-style and hip-hop lovers, Givenchy is a firm top choice for their abstract prints that translate easily into t-shirts, bags and all sorts of easy-to-style accessories. For the girls who prefer a quieter yet similarly trendy option, Saint Laurent is the way to go.


Here are some of Hong Kong’s favourite pieces!





Possessing diverse cultures and love for their rich heritage, Malaysians have a deep appreciation for their inheritance and legacies. Malaysian girls are the best at matching the traditional with the modern, which is perhaps why Malaysians love luxury brands with a great story behind them, such as Balenciaga, Fendi and Burberry.

Well known in their own respective ways, these brands have stood the test of time with classic designs that are simply timeless. Made with the expertise from an esteemed reputation in leather goods, each of these brands produce top quality pieces that are hardwearing workhorses too!


Here are some of Malaysia’s favourite pieces!





Fun, colourful and vibrant – these are the words that come to mind when describing the lively Thais! They are fun-loving and warm, and their accessory choices are equally interesting. It is no surprise that Balenciaga, Prada and Givenchy topped the list of the land of smiles.

All the three brands mentioned are trustworthy brands that can take the hustle and bustle of the Thai life, yet remain fun when needed.


Here are some of Thailand’s favourite pieces!





Indonesia is the place to go for non-stop glamour. We love the elaborate hairdos and dresses that the Indo women always seem to adorn! The accessories carried must be able to stand out against all the glitz in their outfits, and the ladies of Indonesia have given Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and Michael Kors their nod of approval.

Balenciaga and Saint Laurent are no strangers to making extremely glamorous bags perfect for any social event. For the ladies who prefer a more wallet friendly option (without lacking the class!), Michael Kors is an excellent option.


Here are some of Indonesia’s favourite pieces!




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