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Find out what’s in store for you this year

It’s time for another edition of Bag-o-Scope. This time, find out what’s in store for your horoscope this year, as well as which luxury bag you should make your own in 2016!



This will be a year of taking calculated risks, seeking adventure and making memories to last a lifetime. For that, an Aries may find it prudent to keep a clear mind when making major decisions, and always ensure rationality prevails even when it comes to matters of the heart.

The bag for you is the Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Satchel. Sophisticated yet practical, this roomy top handle satchel will transition seamlessly from boardroom to party.



Never lose your drive even in the face of closed doors this year! Continuously strive harder and your tenacity will win over the critics and inspire all those around you.

The bag for you in 2016 is the Givenchy Pandora Box. Its invigorated geometric shape revitalises the classic Pandora silhouette with a hint of sports luxe and added panache.



This will be a big year for every Gemini – make a big impression in 2016 by living out all your biggest dreams and priding yourself on your success! Don’t forget to also take the time to enjoy life’s little pleasures.

Go back to basics in 2016, with a bag that melds the classic with the contemporary. The Chloé Hudson shoulder bag is a versatile and feminine take on the saddlebag, with fun tassel and stitch details that experiment with a touch of edge.



2016 will be full of twists and turns that may throw you off your initial path, but end up leading you to greater heights. Think big this year, and never say never!

There’s no better way to go bold than with a Moschino bag. Whether it’s the Looney Tunes or the C-Clamp collection, the creative genius of Jeremy Scott never fails to conjure up the most flamboyant and avant-garde styles.



This year, your goals and ambitions will be realized with no shortage of trial and error, but it’s a good thing Leos have an abundance of confidence and drive. Keep experimenting until you unlock the formula for success, and above all, never give up. Carpe diem!

Choose the Les Petits Joueurs Alex top handle bag as your accouterment of choice this year. The fledgling label’s bright and eccentric designs are befitting of the boldness and edginess Leos should channel in the coming year.



Start the year on an optimistic note, because your personal life will be saturated with positive energy! Surround yourself with people who inspire and nurture you, and above all never forget that life isn’t about waiting for second chances – seize opportunities while they last!

With its clean geometric lines and unique needle handle, the M2Malletier Amorfati is the perfect bag for the elegant tastemakers that Virgos are.



Bring your A game and prepare to be pushed out of your comfort zone this year. Don’t fear these challenges though – they’ll catalyze fervor and zeal that you never knew existed in you.

Make the Saint Laurent camera bag with lipstick design your companion. With its fun and feminine print, as well as its hands-free shoulder strap, you can undertake new experiences and challenges in comfort and style.



Be sure to take charge of your finances this year, before they take charge of you! A bit of frugality never hurt anyone. Dream big, but don’t forget to exercise a little prudence when indulging in all your guilty pleasures!

The bag for you in 2016 is the Prada Inside. With its supple Nappa leather body and innovative construction, it’s an apt combination of style and practicality.



Get ready for unexpected relationships to come your way in the new year. They’ll change your life in little ways you didn’t imagine! In 2016, pursue your ambitions relentlessly, but don’t forget to take the time to go after your desires with just as must zeal.

The Sophie Hulme Albion Tote is the only bag you’ll need in 2016. Its rolled top handles and playful metal accents play up the elegance of this structured tote, and its roomy interior will fit all the essentials you need as you go about chasing your dreams.



Dependable friendships and profound commitments will pay off for you this year, and your goals will come closer within reach than ever before. If you need a mantra for 2016, let it be this: always believe in yourself!

Karl Lagerfeld’s Choupette Love Crossbody is the bag for you. Mr Lagerfeld’s legendary feline friend has provided him not just with companionship, but also with plenty of creative inspiration – likewise for Capricorns, the unlikely friendships you make could very well be more rewarding than you’d imagine.



Don’t devalue your secret ambitions, and avoid letting them be derailed by your high hopes. Put maximum effort into accomplishing your goals and watch in ecstasy as it pays off.

The bag for you in 2016 is the Fendi Peekaboo. A favourite of the world’s top bloggers and fashion editors, this Italian classic packs as much uptown chic as it does polished elegance.



Don’t let opportunities fester too long before you reach out to grab them, or they’ll be gone before you know it! Exercise caution in making major decisions, and don’t forget to weigh the potential costs and benefits with a rational mind.

Aries, the bag of the year for you is the Céline Belt Bag. Its minimalist design is elegant yet eye-catching, and makes for the perfect career companion.

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