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How to rock co-ords for a look twice as nice

Where Taylor Swift goes, the world will follow. We’re fairly certain the world’s most homogenously loved cat lady is solely responsible for the meteoric popularity of co-ords, after being spotted many a time on the streets of Manhattan dressed as such.

But if you’re not keen on bearing too much resemblance to upholstery, pulling off matching separates will require some careful mastery. Even with a uniform print throughout, co-ords can still look discordant on a single frame – so we’re giving you five easy tips to help you work the trend.

Taylor Swift

Tip 1:
Match your shoes and bag to your outfit.
Co-ords don’t just mean a uniform top and bottom. Get experimental with matching any two components of your look together, whether it’s your bag and stilettos in identical dainty florals, or your shoes and skirt in twin windowpane checks. If all else fails, the classic blazer-and-bottom combination will be a definite winner.


Tip 2: Streamline your silhouette.
When it comes to matching co-ords, the elements could so easily go wrong. So play safe and stick to a clean cut silhouette for a flattering contour. The end result you’re seeking is to cut a sleek figure with clean lines that’ll turn heads for the right reasons. Create it with a blazer or tailored vest, or cinch your top at the waist with a simple belt. Round it off with a sleek ponytail or a top knot.

Mirasolva Duma
Tip 3: Break up your co-ords.
Give onlookers a visual breather by creating a pause in the continuity of your matching pieces. This can be done by adding an element of solid colour to your look with a pullover, cardigan or a thick belt. Alternatively, achieve this effect au naturel by tastefully showing some skin – even simply opting for open-toe shoes like mules or strappy sandals will help break up the intensity of the prints and inject a necessary dose of structure into your getup.

Tip 4: Accessorise with caution.
When it comes to accessorising your co-ords, the cardinal law on how opposites attract will save you from a wardrobe faux pas. Assess how busy your look is, and then accessorise in the opposite direction. Bright colours and bold prints beget modest neutral accessories, whereas more subdued prints warrant colourful accessories to drum up the loudness of the look.

Tip 5: Keep the rest of your look clean.
Let your co-ords take centre stage, and keep the rest of your outfit muted. This means your shoes, accessories and such should complement your look, and not compete with it. To do this, keep all fringe elements within the same colour palette as the base colour of your co-ords so that the party of patterns doesn’t overwhelm the eye.

Taylor Swift

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