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How to wear velvet to perfection

A fabric that emerged during the renaissance age, this material was mostly associated with royalty as it was made of silk and bore an exquisite texture. Velvet remains popular to this day, and has become affordable, as it has been found that cotton and linen can also be weaved to produce velvet. Admired for its heat-preserving qualities as well as its sophisticated aesthetic, velvet is a favourite in colder climates.

Wear it like Royalty
This year, velvet is making a comeback with various designers incorporating it into their Fall collections.

In their Fall 2016 collections, top brands like Gucci, Chanel and Lanvin are clearly not skimping on the trim as they go all out with luxurious, silken velvet.

Gucci, going subtle with a velvet bodice.

Vanessa Seward boldly shaped a figure-hugging, flair skirt dress out of velvet.

Lanvin goes lavish and elegant with fine velvet long sleeves.

If these images are not enough to clue you in how to wear these precious fabrics (i.e. tight bodices, long contour skirts, princess sleeves), let us fill you in – the medieval maiden look pulls off satiny, creamy velvet like no other.

Divide the Divas
Just like divas, never pair two articles of velvet together – nothing good will ever come out of it. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner should put the message across quite clearly to you. Wearing only velvet boots and nothing-else-velvet, they know these fabulous fabric are good enough to stand alone.

Or do it like Hailey Baldwin does in a single emerald velvet dress.

One-piece velvets can bring you a long way. Gush over how Cara Delevingne rocks a sexy jacket mini dress.

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