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Inside Reebonz: 5 Unsung Heroes of Fashion

Step aside celebrities and fashion icons, we’re going over to the other side! This week, we’re featuring 5 unsung heroes of fashion in the Reebonz office.



Sharanjit Kaur, Senior Marketing Manager

“My dressing very much reflects the way I feel.”


Walking into the photo shoot location with a pretty floral skirt, Sharan, as commonly known by her peers, was all eager to start. To compliment her floral piece, we can’t help but to have her dance along some bamboo plants.

It’s a usual sight to see her diversed outfits which sometimes makes you wonder how big of a wardrobe she has. This petite lady shared that her style is eclectic. “My dressing very much reflect the way I feel. So, I can go from pastel florals to chic monochrome, fluoro colour-blocks to tweed jackets in a week.”

Colors, from what we’ve been told, is something she believes it. “A good #OOTD is all about having a balance of style and comfort with a dash of pop!” And by the means of pop, her lipstick colours usually do the talking. Yes, from bright red to nude pink, we’ve seen them all!

You’d probably think she is someone who brings a stash of makeup for a day’s maintenance. But we were proven wrong. “I can’t leave home without my hair band! In this tropical weather, it’s the hair that needs more attention!” On the flip side, she candidly shared that man-buns is something she simply can’t accept as it is neither sexy nor appealing!

So, for this Spring/Summer, what is that one thing she’d love to take home? The Gucci Dionysus Supreme bag takes the win!



Lily Lim, Manager – Training & Development

“OOTDs should be all about comfort. This makes you confident.”


In a mix of enthusiasm and nervousness, Lily, told us off for giving her less than two days to prepare for this shoot. “It should be at least a month before! I have to do a healthy detox and facial!”. We beg to differ though, this fine lady is doing just fine without those!

“Simple and with a twist” sums up her style and when asked on what makes a good #OOTD, she shared that comfort is key and that equates to one’s confidence.

If she has only five minutes to prepare and leave the house, this bubbly lady insisted that her eyebrows take priority and she will never leave home without them unfixed. “A well-shaped eyebrows frame your face and give you a complete look.” she strongly affirmed.

Clad in a pastel-themed outfit and a pair of high-wedge heels to complete her Spring/Summer look, Lily enjoys keeping her style simple and always wearing something extra to compliment. Necklaces, tops with frills or laces are a couple of options she shared. If there’s one season’s item from Reebonz that she can have, it would be the “Fendi Mini Backpack”.

One fashion boo-boo which irks her? Ladies who wear a black bra underneath a white top. “It’s just wrong!” she cringed.

There will always be something to debate in fashion, isn’t it? We’re going to leave that to you!



Joan Arroyo, Merchandising Specialist

“It’s pretty worthless to look awesome on the outside if your insides are rotten.”


An au natural in front of the camera, our merchant specialist – Joan, stands out in the crowd with his good looks. Spontaneously lugging a hippy bicycle to the photo shoot, Joan nailed all his poses and this got the photographer commenting, “We’d be done in a couple of minutes!”

His infectious personality brought such joy to the set. “My style would be somewhere under the rainbow,” he shared. Keeping to personal standards of what makes a good #OOTD, branded accessories does the trick. Sharing a quote from Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw herself: “Looking for 800 dollars shoes to match my 5 dollars outfit.”

So, what’s the fashion must-have that keeps him going? Herbal multi-vitamins! As a matter of fact, he shared that it would be pretty worthless to look awesome on the outside if your insides are rotten. Ah! He is definitely taking the trophy for that!

Speaking of which, Joan continued the conversation and spoke of a fashion boo-boo which makes him nauseous. “Tutu lace socks paired with kitten heels!” Tutu what? We can’t even imagine that!

What’s the pot of gold at the end of his rainbow you may ask? Loewe Galaxy Backpack from Reebonz that is!



Alice Li, Account Manager (Marketplace)

“Some people seek extreme sports for the adrenaline kick, for me, it’s clothes.”


If you need a define of versatility and dynamics (in all fashion sense), Alice would be the perfect example. Confessing to us how honoured she was to be featured, we were just as thrilled to have her accept our request! Coming from the other business arm of Reebonz, we’ve got a hashtag to share: #ReebonzMarketplaceRepresent!

For the lack of a better word, eclectic would be the word for her style. To quote, “I have girly pieces in my wardrobe with lots of lace detailing, that juxtapose strongly with very androgynous and edgy items that I have.” A lover of statement prints, she’s one who gets what she wants! Pronto! “Sometimes when I see a particular print in a store, I won’t be able to let it go until its dangling in a shopping bag on the crook of my arm.” she admitted.

To her, styling is the most critical thing when it comes to scoring a good #OOTD shot. “To make the outfit pop in a photo, it requires the right accessories and styling—they can bring an outfit from mediocrity to Yoyo Cao standard in an instant.” she advised. To her, background shots at back alleys are so uncool! “It wouldn’t hurt if the backdrop is interesting. People are getting extremely creative these days, back alley shots just don’t cut it anymore.”

This sole sister here believes that a sturdy pair of shoes is her fashion must-have. “I like a bit of weight in my footwear to create more harmony, so I tend to opt for ankle boots, Dr Martens oxfords or my Adidas Stan Smiths.” she quipped.

And what’s a boo-boo for her? “Apart from the quick errand runs in your local neighbourhood, I think it’s nice to keep flip-flops to the vicinity of resorts and beaches, or save for when the ladies want to give their heeled feet a break at work perhaps.” she added.

With all that going on, which Reebonz item would she want? The Fendi Karlito Pouch is taking her to fabulosity.



JK, Digital Strategist

“I can’t leave home without my shoes!”


Unqiue in character, JK, holds the shortest nick-name (in terms of letters) in the office. For the longest time, we found him thinking hard on his pose as much as the memo we gave was “just be yourself”. That said, he still opted for the professional look, throwing aside his usual dark-toned outfit for something brighter.

Sharply but with caution, he summarised his style as “Casual, Simple and Cool.” But of course, he was quick to add, “except on days when I have meeting”.

Similar to the others, comfort is key for his perfect #OOTD and a typical day out for him would seeing him dressed in a t-shirt and chino pants. So, what’s one fashion material he can’t leave home without? “Shoes, of course!” he replied. Now we’re seeing that humour, JK.

Keeping to his principles in fashion, more hair is good. Not surprising, that one thing which irks him in fashion is full-shaven men!

And along those lines, he also casually shared that he is not in favour for coloured hair. Hmmm … guess someone’s a supporter for all things natural!

Towards the end, when asked of one item he’d love to get from Reebonz, a Rolex watch hit the list. JK, we won’t argue on that. You totally deserve a good luxury time piece!

We hope that you’ve had much fun reading these fashion stories as much as we had fun featuring them!



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