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Kim Jones: Christmas Essentials


With 10 more days till Christmas, we cannot get enough of the celebration and festive looks! I had a chat with Kim Jones, style blogger of Miss Jones (kimcamjones), as she divulges the style essentials to tide through Christmas each year.



Hi Kim, what are you looking forward to this Christmas?

I love the fellowship of Christmas the most. The opportunity to keep up with and create tradition with family and friends is something I deeply treasure. It gives me so much joy spending quality time together and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.


What is one of your favourite Christmas memories?
Growing up, my family went all out preparing Christmas. From an exorbitant amount of food to the baby powder (snow) footprints of “Santa Claus”. It was just such a warm and happy time and I still get a certain feeling that only comes along during Christmas time. It surpasses the happiness of receiving and giving gifts and it really is just a season of pure joy.

What works best in putting you into a festive mood?
Christmas music! Christmas carols are just like a giant verbal cuddle to me. I love them and I’m the first to play them. There’s that sense of nostalgia that comes around once a year when you hear the music you’ve been listening to since you were a child. It’s just awesome.


What are some of your Christmas essentials?
Anything that prioritises comfort and ease during the busy season. Big, roomy shoulder bags, comfortable flats and airy, easy outfits like button up shirts and jeans. That right there is my festive season uniform.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?
I honestly haven’t thought too much into it, but a mainstay on my wish list is a minaudière. I’m not sure why; I’m just drawn to the delicateness of the accessory and how timeless they can be.

And there we have it! Kim’s personal tips and tricks to survive the festivities in style. Check back next week as she reveals her plans as we inch closer to Christmas!


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