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Predict the best gift for your partner based on their favourite colour

This Valentine’s Day, put your predictive powers to the test by finding out what your better half’s favourite colour says about who they are and what they’ll love.This Valentine’s Day, put your predictive powers to the test by finding out what your better half’s favourite colour says about who they are and what they’ll love.


If their favourite colour is red, you’re in luck! Your other half is action-oriented and adventurous, which means they’re constantly seeking new experiences and self-improvement to stave off stagnation. Everything they do is also enveloped with a generous dose of passion.

What to get them: Chiara Ferragni’s quirky flirting slippers and slip ons perfectly mirror their bold and fearless nature.



Those who love this bright citrus shade are every bit as effervescent and driven as the colour itself. They find comfort in the company they keep and constantly seek challenges to push themselves beyond boundaries.

What to get them: These sprightly creatures will love anything that balances the right dose of edge with restrained boldness. Get them the uniquely geometric Givenchy Pandora Pure bag, or Valentino’s classic Rockstud heels.



Yellow indicates someone who’s systematic and rational, who seemingly never loses their composure even in the midst of a storm. They are fiercely individualistic, and love devising new ideas and ways of doing things that may have evaded the imagination of others.

What to get them: They’ll love a bright yellow tote that’ll keep them organised and put the perfect finishing touch on their one-of-a-kind wardrobe.

If your other half gravitates towards blue, they are likely to be sensitive and serious, and sometimes shrouded in an air of mystery. They also live by their own terms and don’t conform to the norms and beliefs conceived from popular opinion.

What to get them: Blending in is not the name of the game for those who like the colour blue, so choose something that is hard to come by on the streets. Think an eccentric Les Petits Joueurs perspex clutch, or a playful Kenzo shoulder bag.



Fans of green like being acknowledged and appreciated, and crave a sense of security. They’re also affectionate and compassionate by nature, which makes them perfect friends and lovers!

What to get them: If your partner’s favourite colour is green, the safest bet for a gift is the classic Tod’s Gommino loafers. The impeccable craftsmanship and timelessly versatile design is a definite crowd pleaser.



If their favourite colour is black, they are strong-willed and deeply independent. These disciplined individuals are forces to be reckoned with as they are reliable and can be counted on to get things done.

What to get them: Pay tribute to that unexpected little touch of edge and sass with a wrap bracelet, adorned with Balenciaga’s signature giant studs or Alexander McQueen’s ghoulish skull charms.

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