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The unspoken truth about museums that you have to know

If you are looking to go on a cultural trip this holiday season, the museum is surely one destination not to be missed! It is where history and art collide to convey information from different cities through its relics, sculptures and more. However, each museum has a set of unspoken rules that you have to abide by to avoid getting hounded by the museum security. So here are some dos and don’ts to prepare you for your next museum trip.


Dressing up

Dressing up for museums can sometimes be difficult. While certain museums have little dress rules, others have strict rules that may bar you from entering its premises when you don’t abide by them. Follow these tips to foolproof your look. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

DO: Be sure to cover up when visiting a museum! This is especially important for more conservative museums like the Vatican Museums. Go for sleeved dresses or play it safe by bringing a blazer with you. That way, you are able to look artfully stylish while you breeze through any museum customs. Similarly, cover up your legs by leaving your mini skirts at home. Try longer lengths with a pencil or a midi skirt to ensure enough coverage and to give you that vintage sophistication.

Dress Polyvore

DON’T: When heading to museums, stay clear of bright colours. Certain traditional cultures discourage women from dressing too conspicuously, thus it is best that you respect such cultural norms. Bright-coloured clothing may also go against the solemn atmosphere of certain museums like the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Darker colours are preferred as they reflect a more serious and modest dress code that most museums will approve of.

Holocaust Museum


A pair of proper footwear is of utmost importance to ensure that your trip to the museum would be a fruitful and pleasant one. Imagine travelling miles to visit the museum of your dreams only to be daunted by a pair of ill-fitting shoes. What a horror would that be!

DO: If you wish to visit a museum, be prepared to do a lot of walking! Do put on a pair of trusty flats that would bring you through the day with ease. Moreover, wearing flats will prevent you from distracting other museum-goers as they are unlikely to make much noise. Try this pair of downtown chic Michael Kors Hamilton Moccasin that will save you some embarrassing stares.

Flats Polyvore


DON’T: As far as possible, do not wear flip-flops to museums. You definitely don’t want to look too sloppy on your museum trip. What’s more, wearing flip-flops may be seen as a form of disrespect and hinder your entry to some museums.

Vatican City Museum


They say that accessories make the outfit. For every woman, the right accessories would mean an additional dose of style, even to museums! Nevertheless, it is still essential to decide what type and how accessories you should wear to avoid looking completely out of place.

DO: Bring along a casual small crossbody bag or a satchel to store your items. Carrying a small bag will reduce your chances of knocking into any precious artefacts or sculptures. If possible, ensure that your bag has a leather instead of a chained strap. This is to prevent you from scratching the walls of the museum by accident.



DON’T: As most museums require you to pass through a metal detector, do not wear too many metal accessories that may potentially trigger its alarm! Furthermore, metal accessories that tend to reflect light may damage certain art pieces, hence it is best not to wear them. Instead, opt for accessories made from alternative materials. Go for a statement necklace made of wood to complete your getup for a boho-chic look or wear a pair of pearl stud earrings for that elegant finish.

Accessories Polyvore

If you are looking for further inspiration, here are some more looks to explore for your next trip to the museum!

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